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Post  aosh2tm on Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:01 pm

Another year has gone.... And we are getting older, life getting more tougher... whatever Razz

Let's see what we gonna do this year:

1) Mahjong CNY Tournament
This could another intense battle between 4 of us after a great battle last year.
Last year tofu won the championship. The only person who haven't won any championship is skl. Will he get this year? Let's find out.

2)Risk Online
We have in beta version for several months and it is still improving in terms of UI and features. Once this done, we could have a real tournament this year with all kinds of stats and awards.

3) New games in development
This year we will have 2 new games under development/planning: Conquer and Murder Mansion.
Conquer will be mobile game but will be tested in website for guys to try.
Murder mansion is still in planning as we are playing the murder mansion in forum to get the outcome of this concept.

4) L4D2 again
We will have more things to talks about, we are back on L4D2 gaming and try to complete all the campaigns in expert mode as well as realism expert. This time we play online at home. time to gear up and hopefully SKL get his gear as well. We need our team back. Time to eat some pills and hunt some hordes!


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