Players Stats
Chi mo Wins1681210
Make player bankrupt9262
All Pong Purex
All Chi Purex
Mixed Purexxx
All Pong Semi-Purexxx
All Chi Semi-Pure
Mixed Semi-Purexxxx
All Honours
Chicken Handsxxxx
Blessing of Heaven
Blessing of Earth
All flowers
Robbing a Kong
All animals
A set of flowerx
The jokers
Last card win
East Pointerxx
South Pointer
West Pointer
North Pointer
Flower 1 Pointer
Flower 2 Pointerx
Flower 3 Pointer
Flower 4 Pointer
Kong Bankruptx
Animal Bankrupt
Flower Bankrupt
Seven Pairsxx
Ruby Dragonx
Pearl Dragon
Jade Dragonx
Nine Gates
13 Wonders
All Kongs
Small Winds
Big Winds
Small Dragonsx
Big Dragons
Hidden Treasure
All Terminals