Risk Missions
Control 2 islandsStart Turn
Control 1 ContinentStart Turn
Gain 5 ReinforcementReinforcement
Conquer 4 TerritoriesEnd Turn
Conquer 1 territory of 2 ContinentsEnd Turn
Invade 1 across seaEnd Turn
Conquer 3 Territories on 1 ContinentEnd Turn
Control 2 ContinentsStart Turn
Control 12(15 on 3 players) territoriesStart Turn
More units in 1 territory than enemyStart Turn
Conquer 7 TerritoriesEnd Turn
Invade 3 across seaEnd Turn
Take 1(2 on 3 players) territory from each playerEnd Turn
Conquer 1 territory of 3 ContinentsEnd Turn
Control North America ContinentStart Turn
Control Europe ContinentStart Turn
Most units than everyone elseStart Turn
Gain 14 ReinforcementReinforcement
Conquer 1 territory of 4 ContinentsEnd Turn
Twice territory more than any emenyEnd Turn
Destroy 12 unitsEnd Turn
Have the most territories than everyone elseStart Turn
Gain 18 ReinforcementReinforcement
Conquer 1 territory on 5 ContinentsEnd Turn
Conquer 12 TerritoriesEnd Turn
Destroy 15 unitsEnd Turn
Conquer Asia ContinentEnd Turn
Conquer 3 ContinentsEnd Turn

Seasonal Awards
Risk Champion
Have the most wins in a season tournament
Most Player Kill
Defeat the most players throughout the tournament
Most Pwned
Most defeated throughout the tournament
Most Missions Complete
Most missions completed throughout the tournament
Pathetic Player
Never win at all during the tournament
One Man Show
Surviving player only left 1 unit per round

Progression Medal Awards
Risk WinningMission Winning
Win total 15 gamesComplete total of 30 missions
Win total 30 gamesComplete total of 75 missions
Win total 50 gamesComplete total of 150 missions
Player DestroyerRisk Achiever
Kill total of 10 playersAchieve total 10 achievements
Kill total of 25 playersAchieve total 20 achievements
Kill total of 50 playersAchieve total 30 achievements

Honour Awards
Risk Captain Medal
Complete all captain missions
Risk Major Medal
Complete all major missions
Risk Colonel Medal
Complete all colonel missions
Risk General Medal
Complete all general missions
Supreme Awards
Jack of All Trades
Complete all trades achievements as below:
Infantry TraderTrade 3 infantry cards (not include wild card)
Cavalry TraderTrade 3 cavalry cards (not include wild card)
Artillery TraderTrade 3 artillery cards (not include wild card)
Mixed TraderTrade 3 different cards (not include wild card)
Single Wild TradeTrade with one wild card
Double Wild TradeTrade with 2 wild cards

Invurnerable man
Complete all tough achievements as below:
Iron manDefeat 10 or more attacking troops when defending without losing any defending troops on one territory which being under attack
Invincible manDefeat at least 15 units as an attacker without losing any unit in one round

Classic Risk Gamer
Complete all classic missions achievements as below:
Classic Territory Mission IControl 24 territories at the end of the turn
Classic Territory Mission IIControl 18 territories with at least 2 units per territory at the end of the turn
Classic Continent Mission IConquer Australia and North America at the end of the turn
Classic Continent Mission IIConquer Africa and Asia at the end of the turn
Classic Continent Mission IIIConquer South America and Asia at the end of the turn

Risk Dominator
Complete all domination achievements as below:
Territory DominationControl 20 or more territories when start turn
Continent DominationControl 3 or more continents when start turn
The EmperorDominates the whole world

Legion Army
Complete all army achievements as below:
Over-crowded TerritoryHave the most units in 1 territory than every enemy with at least 50 units when start turn
Horde of ArmyHave the most units than everyone else with at least 100 units when start turn

Player Terminator
Complete all player kill achievements as below:
Player SlayerDestroy 2 or more players in a game
No MercyDestroy Player army which does not complete any mission
Fast KillDestroy Player in less than 4 full cycle round

President Medal
Complete all advanced achievements as below:
Sea CrosserInvade 5 across sea
Horde RecruitmentGain 20 or more Reinforcement
Army DestroyerDestroy 20 or more units in one round
Island ManiaControl 5 islands when start turn
Asian GuyControl Asia Continent when start turn
Pieces in each continentConquer 1 territory in all 6 continents
Territory InvaderInvade 15 or more territories in one round

Unfiled Achievements
Complete all trades achievements as below:
Mission blitzComplete all missions in 4 rounds in a game